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Parenting has never been more difficult. As parents, you will know that there’s a lot more to worry about your kids today. Being a good parent takes a lot of time and skills to master. But there is not really a secret perfect formula to being a good parent.

Piano- The Melodious Middle Age Classical Instrument

leaning the piano

There are many good reasons to learn piano. A lot of people often assume that it’s a hard instrument to learn and as a result, they avoid learning it. The truth is a lot of experts back piano as the best instrument to learn to start learning about music. Musicians often claim that learning piano helps to understand and read the music better.

Why learn Piano?

For beginners, the piano is the best instruments to learn if you’re serious about learning music. It will provide you the proper understanding of the music. Apart from the skills, learning to play an instrument will keep your mind healthy. It is a known fact that gradually as we age, the brain starts losing its efficiency. There has been a lot of research that supports learning to play an instrument keep one’s brain active and healthy in later years. Research claims that people who play instruments have self-discipline and live an organized life.

Advantages of Piano

One of the best thing about piano is it can be performed solo. While learning piano might not make you rich and famous, it can land you some gigs or do a recital or perform at functions. Playing music can help you to make a positive impression on people, and it can do wonders for your self-confidence.

The piano has a heavenly sound, and it is fun to play. People get caught up with benefits of learning, but an important and perhaps the most essential aspect of music is the sheer joy that it brings when you learn it. Romance is often associated with the piano. Lots of romantic tunes use the sound of piano which makes the tune heart-warming. The sense of calmness it brings by its joyful, sweet and melodious resonance can melt anyone’s heart and bring out the deepest emotions in people. Piano brings everyone together whether you’re a beginner, semi-professional or professional.

Why is Piano easier to learn?

The reason that makes the piano easier to learn is the fact that for each key there is only one note. As far as complexity goes, the piano is perhaps the easiest to understand. With instruments such as guitar, you have to multi-task. Your one hand is strumming the strings with a pick, and the other hand is simultaneously pressing down two or more strings at a time.

It can get incredibly frustrating for beginners. Lots of people quit learning a sophisticated instrument in early stages due to the fear factor of not being talented enough to learn it. Piano takes out that fear factor. However, plenty of people get caught in the vicious negative cycle of being too old to learn. It is a common concern but learning an instrument always requires time and patience. Practice makes perfect.

A lot of people admire people who play the piano. Significant time is required to invest in learning this classical masterpiece of an instrument. So to answer the question of “what is the best instrument to learn for a beginner?” one can say piano.

Choosing a lunchbox for your kid

A lunchbox is more than just an item in which your kids carry their lunches; it is a statement about the kid’s taste! It tells the other kids all about how knowledgeable the child is when it comes to the pop-culture and how up-to-date the kid is with the latest trends. This uniquely American phenomenon allows the kids to connect through pop-culture (music, movies, TV, etc), or at least, that’s how it used to be.

Today, the kids show their knowledge of pop-culture through other things, like their backpacks of shoes. And this could be a good thing, because it could allow the parents to focus more on the safety of the container, rather than on what’s painted on it. However, the kid’s interest is still a bid part of the decision on which lunchbox to get.

New types of lunchboxes

Bento boxes are great because the offer separate containers for different foods, and have gotten really popular. It adds to the perception that, by separating the food, you have a better control over the nutritional values of each part of the meal. This can also add to the child’s interest in lunch, because the containers could be arranged in interesting shapes; which the kids just love!

Environmentally-friendly boxes offer plastic containers with lids as well as reusable bags for snacks or sandwiches. They have zip-top closures, and can even be washed in the washing machine or the dishwasher.

New material boxes are made of neoprene, which is both reusable and insulated. It is a material that is flexible, and can even be stretched enough to fit in all of the meal. And finally, the best thing about them is the fact that they are completely machine-washable.

There are also some care and safety tips that you need to take into consideration when shopping for a cool lunchbox for your kid.

The lunchbox has to be cleaned daily! This should be done by wiping the inside of it with a damp cloth. Also, warm water can be mixed in with some mild soap, and after the cleaning process, the lunchbox should be left to dry. It has to be completely dry before you pack any food for your child in it!

Nonperishable foods should be used. The lunchbox only protects the food for about two hours. That is why the highly perishable foods should not be used, like the eggs or the mayonnaise. It is always smart to make your kid some peanut butter sandwiches, or giving them a while fruit to eat for lunch.

An ice pack should be used. If you wish to keep the food cold until the lunchtime, then it’s best to have several sizes and shapes of ice packs. Just make sure they don’t leak any fluid.

The most recommended lunchboxes:

Metal lunchboxes are a lot similar to the traditional lunchboxes; they’re the same size and shape, and have a latch for closing it. They can be decorated by the kids with stickers.

Insulated lunchboxes are a bit softer and have a vinyl interior. They offer a zipper closure and have a padded handle. This type of a lunchbox is really easy to clean and can be found in various colors and patterns. It is able to keep the food cold because of the insulation, and has outer pockets for some extra storage.

Go Green Bento lunchboxes are plastic boxes that offer carrying cases, as well as drinking bottles. It has 5 compartments and can be closed with a snap-on lid. It can be found in 10 different patterns, and any leak can be prevented by the box’s silicone gasket.

So, what are some tips that could help make the right choice and always have a kid that is pleased with the lunchbox? Well, first of all, make sure you replace their lunchbox every year, because the bacteria could accumulate inside. Then, try and have more than just one lunchbox for your kid. This gives you enough time to clean one lunchbox while your kid carries the other one to school, and for it to get completely dry. And finally, don’t pack any drinks and let your kid buy milk at school. This is cheaper and the milk is fresher, which is always a better option for your child.

Stuck for male young adult gift ideas? Check this out

We know that buying gifts for young ones is normlly quite an easy task. Anything they see friends have they’re interested in, and media ads are so enticing nowadays that they immediately grab the attention of any child who catches sight of it.

So they’re not really an issue. It’s when they get a bit older, and start attaining their own interests and tastes that gift ideas can become tricky. They’re no longer interested in any old rubbish, and those adverts that shout “Hey Look What’s Cool!”, don’t have the same effect anymore. Their heads are wise to those tactics now, they want things that are useful, things they’ll use on a daily basis.

If you’re stuck for gift ideas for a male young adult, then I’ve recently created the perfect infographic for that exact problem – check it out below!

How to pick the perfect playhouse for your kids?

Nowadays, you can find pretty much any kind of playhouse you want for your kids and that is why many parents are overwhelmed and don’t really know where to start their search. Some of them believe that these playhouses are really expensive, but buying the prefect one would be good decision, because it’s going to last a long time and become a favorite playing place for your kids and their friends. Also, this playhouse would prove to be priceless for many other reasons, like allowing your kid to develop creativity and independence.

Another reason why playhouses are great is because they drag your kids in some fresh air, allowing them to be active, and inciting their imagination. They’ll forget about their TV, computer and the cell phone, and play with something tangible. But, how to pick the perfect playhouse to make it all happen? Well, here are some tips that should allow you to accomplish just that.


There are many playhouses out there and their prices vary, and that is why you ought to set your budget before you go out looking for a playhouse. It will help you narrow your choice, as will the thinking about other features that your kids’ playhouse ought to have.

It might be you want to rennovate your playhouse instead of buying a brand new one? Good article here. It might be you’ll just want to replace your playhouse windows for a budget alternative from this recommended plastic sheet supplier.


Of course, you’ll need to know how big of a playhouse you’ll need. This usually depends on the location, but also on how many kids you need, and how many of their friends are going to be there on average. These things come in different shapes and sizes, and you need to choose the right one. Also, keep in mind that you ought to leave some free space around the playhouse for the kids to move around, and for you to be able to assemble and maintain it.


Figure out what your kids love, and then try to get a playhouse that offers that kind of features. So, choose if you’d like a playhouse on a ground level, or the one with a ladder. This usually depends on the size of your kids and on what you believe is appropriate for them. There are playhouses with towers for adventurous kids, playhouses with slides, playhouses with teahouses for girls, etc. So, figure out what kind of features you want for your kids’ playhouse, and you’ll be able to narrow your choice.


Most playhouses are made of wood and plastic, with the wooden ones being more durable and traditional, while the plastic ones offer a short-term play, usually for smaller children because then tend to be really small.


Most of these playhouses are rather easy to assemble, with the wooden ones being meant to stay in place once they’ve been assembled, while the plastic ones can be taken down anytime. You get instructions that are really easy to follow, and all the holes are predrilled. You just have to put in the screws in and tighten them. You can do it all by yourself, and there is no need to hire an expert to do it for you; no special tools needed, and no special skills needed; although you can call a friends to help you out.


Because these things are for kids, safety always comes first, and that is why the playhouses come with safety precautions. They include the smoothed edges, safety hinges, etc. The edges of doors also have small gaps in order not to allow the kids’ fingers to get trapped. The wooden ones are smoothed as much as possible to avoid any splinters or sharpened edges, while a coat of paint over it provides an additional protection.

Finding the Best Stage School in London For Your Kids

Some people might think that being an actor requires no particular learning, but they couldn’t be more wrong. In order to be a great actor or actress, you need to go through a stage school, where you are going to learn everything there is about acting. But, this could be a bit difficult if you can’t really find a good stage school. And that is why we have decided to tell all the Londoners out there how to find the best possible stage school, and other people could use the tips mentioned here as well.


As we have already said, before you start acting, you need to go to a stage school, but also, before you start a stage school, you need to act. This doesn’t mean that you need to be a professional actor before you start going to a stage school; you just need to have acted enough to be familiar with the whole process. This usually implies acting in school plays, in community theatre productions.

Of course, before you start studying acting, you need to be really passionate about it, or else the entire learning process will be one big torture session for you. Don’t start this if you don’t really like it, or else it is going to be extremely difficult for you, like any other school which you care nothing about.

Then, in order to find the best stage school in London for you, you need to figure out what is it you actually want – do you wish to go to a large stage school or a small one. The large schools are for the multi-talented students, while the small ones might not be considered all that good by the people from the industry who see it on your CV. Do some research before you decide on this. Also, try to pick the one that you can afford, but don’t let that be the deciding factor – this honour should belong to the school’s credentials and its longevity.

Location of the school is really important, because you don’t want to enroll in a stage school located in a completely different city. This is one of the most important factors that are going to persuade you into selecting a stage school. It is safe to assume that everyone reading this is from London, but London is a huge city, and that is why you need to find a school that is as close to your home as possible.

School rankings are really important, and that is something you ought to look into before you make a final decision on the stage school you wish to go to. Try to find one that is both well loved by the students, and well respected by the experts from the field of acting. Basically, you ought to find a school like the West End Stage Theatre School, or that exact school, which would be even better, because it is considered to be one of the best ones in London.

How to Choose a Remote Control Car?

Choosing a remote control car can be rather difficult, and you can’t even get an insight from your friends, because each of them has a preference which they’ll try to present as the best one. Basically, it all depends on what it is you’re looking for; some people want fast cars, other want reliable ones, while the rest want a durable vehicle. So, whatever your preference may be, here are some tips and pointers that should help you choose a remote control car that is perfect for you.

Types or Remote Control Cars

The first thing people ought to know is that there isn’t just one remote control car – there are numerous different types of remote cars and trucks, but they are mostly divided into two groups: the electric ones and the gas ones. The gas ones run on nitro hobby fuel, which allows for a greater speed and a longer run. The electric ones are power-run, and are considered to be more reliable, quieter, and maintenance-free.

But, there are also other divisions, mostly according to the body type. The stadium trucks are low to the ground and have a rear-wheel drives. The touring cars are also really low, but are extremely fast. Some people prefer the buggies, which are off-road vehicles that can take a real beating, but are still really fast. And of course, we are all familiar with the Monster Trucks, which are basically extremely large vehicles with enormous engines that can ride through pretty much anything.

There are also RTRs and KITs. The “RTR” stands for “ready to race”, while “KIT” is a marking that tells us that the car requires assembly, or that it does not quite have all the parts you need. The ready-to-run remote control cars can be driven to the track the second you buy them, while the KIT cars need some elbow grease in order to make them work.

Things to Consider:


This is something you need to consider strongly, because you don’t want to end up with a car you’ll need to work on every single day. The Nitro cars will require a lot more preparation, and the engine should be checked, and the air/fuel mixture ought to be adjusted according to the weather. The electric cars are much easier in this regard – you just plug them in to charge the batteries, and when they get run down, you repeat the process.


Make sure you get the money before you buy a remote control car, because that way, you’ll know exactly what your budget is and how much you have to spend. Keep in mind that the better remote control cars cost more, and that is why you should really look into the prices before you go ahead and buy the first one you see.


It is important to buy a remote control car made by a brand that is known for its great design, durability and amazing quality. Some of the best ones are LPR, XTM, Team Associated, Mugen, Corally, Team Losi, Traxxas, and HPI. These are the brands for which you can find parts anywhere and whose product support is easy to reach.


You can upgrade a remote control car, but keep in mind that not every one of them is important. Some upgrades are just not necessary, and could in fact damage the vehicle. That is why the experts recommend just getting the upgrades that help the car’s performance. Also, it is important to do a little search and find out if there are any upgrades available for the vehicle you’ve been thinking about buying.

Tips for Bathing Your Kids

It could be a bit difficult to get your kids to bathe, and it looks that the smaller kid it is, the harder it is to get them to clean up. However, some parents have started wondering how it is exactly that they ought to bathe their kids, is there a thing such as too much bathing, how to get them to bathe. Well, that’s what we set out to find out.

Bathing the babies

When it comes to small babies, the experts say that the parents shouldn’t really bathe them in bathwater, or at least at first. These small kids should not be submerged at least until the umbilical cord falls off. After that, the adequate amount of bathing is once every 2 or 3 days. This should go on until about they start moving. After that, the kid will just get dirties and dirties as they start walking and falling around, and you’ll need to do it more often.

Soak and seal method

There is a method called “soak and seal” which basically tells us that the babies older than six months can be bathed daily with warm water and some gentle soap, and that the bath shouldn’t last more than 10-15 minutes. Then, after you dry the baby with a towel, you ought to apply an unscented lotion on the baby in order to moisturize their skin. This application should be done about 2-3 minutes after they’re out of bath. Basically, the experts agree that the best thing to do is to do whatever your grandma would do in this situation.

Safety concerns

One of the most important safety advices you could get is never to leave your baby alone in the toilet during the bath. But, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other advices.

When it comes to infants, you ought to pick the time of the day when the baby is the most awake and completely full, and then do the bath. Bathe the baby with a sponge, while the baby is on a towel, and the sun’s rays are sneaking in through the window. Gently massage every single part of your baby’s skin with this soapy water that must be warm and the touch the baby feels will create a connection between the two of you.

When it comes to the crawlers, you ought to give them a soft bath mat while they’re still learning how to sit. Make sure you sit near the tub, don’t let the baby tip over, and rubber protect the edges.

Bathing toddlers requires some ground rules, like the one that the water cannot leave the tub, or that the baby’s bottom ought to remain on the bath mat. Don’t let the toddler stand until their balance is fully approved by you, and never let the child touch the faucet!

Bathing games

The babies will probably not want to take a bath, and no matter how hard you try to explain to them that they need to, they will never listen to you. That is why it is important to make them do it by making the bathing fun!

Kids love bubbles, spending time with their loved ones, or playing with toys, and you ought to include all of these things in your baby’s bathing ritual. You can also try reading them a story while they’re in the bath, and do everything you can to make them forget the fact that they actually hate bathing!

When it comes to a bit older children, from around 2 years old, contact with dad is really important, and that is why dads ought to try giving them a bath once in a while. This is a good way for the kid to understand that besides mommy, there’s also daddy there, and he’s willing to help. And it is really important to make a routine out of this, because a routine is great for kids.

Bathing siblings

Some parents choose to bathe their kids together if they have more of them, however, these parents also say that it is really important to stop the sibling-bathing for the opposite sex siblings by the time they turn 5. When it comes to the siblings of the same sex, this ought to stop by the age of 7. After this age, you can pretty much trust your kids to start bathing by themselves, or at least you ought to stay close to them, just in case.

Moving on to showers

Young kids love bubble baths, but by the time they get to 10-11 years old, they ought to start taking showers by themselves. They should shower seven days a week with a good shower head, and especially when they start puberty, a time in life full of excessive sweating and activity. By that time, showers have already become a social issue for the kids.

On Single Parenting

Being a parent is hard enough. Being a single parent doubles the difficulty. With no one to share burdens with, day-to-day responsibilities or decision-making, single parents must feel very lonely all by themselves. They need to provide greater support for their children all by themselves and they do feel alone. The reason for some families who are manned with a single parent varies for every family. Some are a product of a broken family as a result of divorce. Some are left alone with their partners gone forever and some where even engaged in unplanned parenthood.

Single parenthood can bring added pressure and stress to the core of raising children. When raising children is a difficult job for all parents who belongs to a complete family, a single parent has to step up more to fulfill the role of both being the mother and father of the child.

single_parentingBeing in an incomplete family and living life in a single parent household can be quite stressful for both the parent and the child. Society can be quite imposing that a family can function with a two-parent family and may feel that something will eventually go wrong with the child when it’s not. Single parents may feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of caring for the children, nurturing them, taking care of the expenses, household chores and anything that may come to the family.

For a family that is broken down by divorce, many partners or spouse who have chosen to divorce cited that the divorce was a way to consider the family no longer broken. Thus is due to the fact that when the divorce is final, the warring parents are no long obligated to situate under the same roof which consequently exposes their children to undesirable fights of the parents that cause emotional trauma to the child.

Truth to be told, families that are headed by a single women are more vulnerable due to multiple reasons. Single mothers who have been in a pre-marital unplanned pregnancy are often scrutinized by the society. They also have to deal with the gender based limitations of finding employment and at the same time cope up with a demands of the family. This causes stress and a lot of pressure especially when there is no other support for the single parent.

Being in a family with only one parent, a child can also be affected in the way the child deals with other children. Unfortunately some of them cannot help but compare their family to others about how unusual it is to have only one parent. This may also affect their self esteem and how they deal with themselves and grow up. However, not every child born in an incomplete family is problematic. Some children may even become a lot stronger, mature and understanding of the situation they may be into. Because at the young age they have learned how they should be able to deal with situations out of the norm. As a single parent, one must be more aware of the attention needed by the child and thus must be able to teach, discipline and support more the child as he grows.

Top Benefits Of Ride On Toys For Kids


Most people believe that the ride on toys are great because they allow the kids to have some fun, but there is a lot more to it than that. These kinds of toys can offer so much more and help the child develop and grow in the best possible way. So, let’s see what is it that these kinds of toys have to offer, besides fun, of course.

They Encourage Exercise and Physical Activity

We all know that a human being is a creature designed to be physically active, and only those that remain such can be considered to be in good health. Well, the same goes for children, who just need to keep exercising. Of course, the kids shouldn’t start hitting the gym as soon as they are born, but should exercise in other ways; and the ride on toys are just perfect for that. This kind of playing allows the kid to develop muscles, without even knowing that they’re doing that.

They Provide Them With a Sense of Exploration

Kids love exploring new things, because the world is like a blank book to them that needs to be written. Well, while they’re exploring the world, they’re writing the book, and these kinds of toys allow them to do just that. This kind of exploration includes the sense that they can now move a lot better than before, that they can drive around on wheels, that they can cover more ground than ever before, etc. Basically, your kid will start learning new things about both the world and themselves, and it’s all thanks to these ride on toys. Outdoor ride on toys such as these electric dirt bikes for kids, wagons and electric cars provide hours of entertainment.

They Offer Them a Sense of Balance

We all know that children aren’t too good when it comes to balance, but if they work on it, they’ll be able to start handling it rather quickly. ride on toys are a great way to achieve this due to the fact that the children will start learning that they are going to have to learn how to balance properly on these toys in order not to fall down. Of course, you ought to install all the proper safety equipment before you allow you kid to start learning and playing on these toys.

They Spark Creativity

It is essential for the parent to teach their kids how to be creative, because that is going to be rather fruitful in later life for them. Therefore, the parents ought to let their kids play on these ride on toys, because they encourage just that – creativity. These toys are something that just lights up the kids’ faces, because whenever they are on them, they are in their dream land. They start playing make-believe and fantasizing, which is great for the mind and for the development of a child.

They Build Confidence in Childrengirl-ride-on-toy

When a child sees that it is capable of overcoming a rough terrain on their ride on toy, they’ll start realizing that they have what it takes to overcome anything, which in turn will build their confidence. Therefore, a ride on toy is much more than just a toy, it is a tool that is going to help your kid reap all the benefits of being a child.

Good Parenting

Being a parent ain’t ever easy. Being a parent is a role that brings both happiness and challenges in life to deal with. Being a parent is a lifetime role and a purpose for anyone who enters the wonderful life of parenthood whether they like it or not.

Nurturing your child and watching them grow and develop is something that adds color and meaning to any parents life. The moment you see for the very first time the person who you have given life is the very moment that you will know that your life is bound to change forever. As parents, you are to look after your child every step of the way, take care of them and guide them until they are able to know the right from wrong and make their own decisions.parenting1

There is no secret formula to being a good parent but thinking about the welfare of your child more, loving them more than yourself, being there for them when they need you and doing all means you can to secure their happiness and future makes one a good parent. Being a good parent requires time, skills, genuine love, pure concern, patience and a whole lot of understanding.

As you become a parent who must look after the life of your children, it doesn’t mean you will stop looking after yours. An important part of parenting is looking after yourself and being at your best for your family and children.

Some parents can’t help but feel and think of themselves as lacking or a failure when it comes to being parents when they compare themselves to other parents. However this isn’t what parenting should be and definitely not how it goes. Every parent has their own circumstances in dealing and nurturing their children to be the person they want them to be. Besides, no parents are ever perfect.

Other parents feel that they are a failure when their kids did not grow up and become people as their parents like them to be. They feel disappointed when their desires to have this kind of child were not followed. However parenting isn’t really about parents taking over the life of their children. Good parenting is taking charge of the lives of their children in helping them become the person they want to be in the future. By helping, guiding and loving them to be a good person to others.

Planning a European Holiday With Your Kids

After a long year of hard work, there is nothing better than going away on a nice holiday with your entire family, and people say that there is no better place for a family holiday with the kids than Europe. There is always something great to do and some amazing attractions to be seen there, and most importantly, your kids might even get to know some new cultures and learn a thing or two along the way. However, before such a holiday ever takes place, it is important to plan it properly in order to be sure that everything works out great. And that is what we are going to show you here – how to plan a European holiday with the kids.

The first thing you need to sort of is what exactly it is you wish to see in Europe and which countries you wish to visit. Usually, the men like seeing historical sites or countries with a strong football traditions, while women prefer the romantic cities. You need to figure this thing with your family first; and who knows, you might even find a location that suits to all of your desires. Europe is a big place, and there is no doubt that you are going to find it. You just need to dig a bit.

It is europesignimportant to note that a key part in planning a holiday, no matter if it is going to happen in Europe or anywhere else, is the travel insurance. You need to make sure that you get this type of insurance, because that could be the thing that is going to guarantee that the vacation goes as planned. So, before you set out for your holiday, or even before you start planning it, you need to think about the travel insurance and find a place where you are going to get it. It doesn’t really cost much, but it could give you a peace of mind, which is exactly what you want while you’re enjoying yourself in a beautiful European country. When traveling in Europe, ensure your Ehic Card is up to date, renew European health card here.

Another important thing you need to note is the fact that Europe is a place full of various languages, and you really ought to learn which language is being spoken in the country or region you wish to visit. And after that, you might even consider learning a word or two on that language; it will show the local people that you care about them, their country and their culture, and they will definitely appreciate it.

And finally, you need to make sure that you have packed everything you need in order to enjoy the holiday. So, you need to be positive that you have your IDs and papers with you, as well as everything else you wish to bring along. Also, keep in mind that you ought to leave on time and not be late – the ride is not going to wait for you, and leaving and arriving on time is a sign of respect. So, make sure you show it.

Managing Parenting Time

When you finally become a parent, be ready for a very wild ride of managing your time and realizing the fact that your life will never be the same again after having your kids. Good parenting involves a lot of personal sacrifices. Unlike when you were younger or single and doesn’t have a child to tend to, you simply cannot go on a long getaway with your friends that much or at all anymore. As a parent, your children are your responsibility and your important priority and you need to sacrifice to sacrifice some things that are important to you. This may sound a bit sad but you have to remember, family must comes first and is definitely the most important.


Managing your time with your children can sometimes be difficult especially with working parents. While you need to be there for your kids, you also need to be working hard for their needs. While time and energy is your parenting investment that you need to always fund of, you need to be able to manage your time well in order to be there at both worlds. Even though work seems to be demanding, your children must still your very priority in your life.


Woman helping young girl with laptop do homework in dining roomGood parenting skills involve time and patience. No one becomes a good parent in a short span of time. It takes a lot of patience and understanding to be able to get used to the parenting things. You learn as your children grow and learning doesn’t stop even if they become parents themselves. Children depend on their parents for wisdom so it is important that you have the time as parents for your children.


Every parent wants their child to live a happier childhood and a happier life as they grow up. Every chance and moment you get to spend with your children is an opportunity to build and strengthen your relationship. Besides, time flies so fast you wouldn’t know when they will stop hanging out with you. Make your parenting time more memorable with your kids and be the parent they need as they grow.


Avoid leaving your child routinely with others. Not only that it will be tiresome for others to look after your child, your child might catch on the idea that you are not always there for him for a one-on-one time with him. Allow your child to rely on you not the other way around.


It is important that you learn how to exercise good time management. It is important that despite the hustle and bustle of work life is you know how to prioritize your time in between work, self and family. It is important that you make good time-management decisions by not being too involved with your work that it gets in the way of your parenting time. Do something fun together and always make time to try new things together. Make the best use of the time you have together and build a strong, fun and reliable relationship to the fullest.