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Tips for Bathing Your Kids

It could be a bit difficult to get your kids to bathe, and it looks that the smaller kid it is, the harder it is to get them to clean up. However, some parents have started wondering how it is exactly that they ought to bathe their kids, is there a thing such as too much bathing, how to get them to bathe. Well, that’s what we set out to find out.

Bathing the babies

When it comes to small babies, the experts say that the parents shouldn’t really bathe them in bathwater, or at least at first. These small kids should not be submerged at least until the umbilical cord falls off. After that, the adequate amount of bathing is once every 2 or 3 days. This should go on until about they start moving. After that, the kid will just get dirties and dirties as they start walking and falling around, and you’ll need to do it more often.

Soak and seal method

There is a method called “soak and seal” which basically tells us that the babies older than six months can be bathed daily with warm water and some gentle soap, and that the bath shouldn’t last more than 10-15 minutes. Then, after you dry the baby with a towel, you ought to apply an unscented lotion on the baby in order to moisturize their skin. This application should be done about 2-3 minutes after they’re out of bath. Basically, the experts agree that the best thing to do is to do whatever your grandma would do in this situation.

Safety concerns

One of the most important safety advices you could get is never to leave your baby alone in the toilet during the bath. But, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other advices.

When it comes to infants, you ought to pick the time of the day when the baby is the most awake and completely full, and then do the bath. Bathe the baby with a sponge, while the baby is on a towel, and the sun’s rays are sneaking in through the window. Gently massage every single part of your baby’s skin with this soapy water that must be warm and the touch the baby feels will create a connection between the two of you.

When it comes to the crawlers, you ought to give them a soft bath mat while they’re still learning how to sit. Make sure you sit near the tub, don’t let the baby tip over, and rubber protect the edges.

Bathing toddlers requires some ground rules, like the one that the water cannot leave the tub, or that the baby’s bottom ought to remain on the bath mat. Don’t let the toddler stand until their balance is fully approved by you, and never let the child touch the faucet!

Bathing games

The babies will probably not want to take a bath, and no matter how hard you try to explain to them that they need to, they will never listen to you. That is why it is important to make them do it by making the bathing fun!

Kids love bubbles, spending time with their loved ones, or playing with toys, and you ought to include all of these things in your baby’s bathing ritual. You can also try reading them a story while they’re in the bath, and do everything you can to make them forget the fact that they actually hate bathing!

When it comes to a bit older children, from around 2 years old, contact with dad is really important, and that is why dads ought to try giving them a bath once in a while. This is a good way for the kid to understand that besides mommy, there’s also daddy there, and he’s willing to help. And it is really important to make a routine out of this, because a routine is great for kids.

Bathing siblings

Some parents choose to bathe their kids together if they have more of them, however, these parents also say that it is really important to stop the sibling-bathing for the opposite sex siblings by the time they turn 5. When it comes to the siblings of the same sex, this ought to stop by the age of 7. After this age, you can pretty much trust your kids to start bathing by themselves, or at least you ought to stay close to them, just in case.

Moving on to showers

Young kids love bubble baths, but by the time they get to 10-11 years old, they ought to start taking showers by themselves. They should shower seven days a week with a good shower head, and especially when they start puberty, a time in life full of excessive sweating and activity. By that time, showers have already become a social issue for the kids.

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