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Piano – The Melodious Middle Age Classical Instrument

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There are many good reasons to learn piano. A lot of people often assume that it’s a hard instrument to learn and as a result, they avoid learning it. The truth is a lot of experts back piano as the best instrument to learn to start learning about music. Musicians often claim that learning piano helps to understand and read the music better.

Why learn Piano?

For beginners, the piano is the best instruments to learn if you’re serious about learning music. It will provide you the proper understanding of the music. Apart from the skills, learning to play an instrument will keep your mind healthy. It is a known fact that gradually as we age, the brain starts losing its efficiency. There has been a lot of research that supports learning to play an instrument keep one’s brain active and healthy in later years. Research claims that people who play instruments have self-discipline and live an organized life.

Advantages of Piano

One of the best thing about piano is it can be performed solo. While learning piano might not make you rich and famous, it can land you some gigs or do a recital or perform at functions. Playing music can help you to make a positive impression on people, and it can do wonders for your self-confidence.

The piano has a heavenly sound, and it is fun to play. People get caught up with benefits of learning, but an important and perhaps the most essential aspect of music is the sheer joy that it brings when you learn it. Romance is often associated with the piano. Lots of romantic tunes use the sound of piano which makes the tune heart-warming. The sense of calmness it brings by its joyful, sweet and melodious resonance can melt anyone’s heart and bring out the deepest emotions in people. Piano brings everyone together whether you’re a beginner, semi-professional or professional.

Why is Piano easier to learn?

The reason that makes the piano easier to learn is the fact that for each key there is only one note. As far as complexity goes, the piano is perhaps the easiest to understand. With instruments such as guitar, you have to multi-task. Your one hand is strumming the strings with a pick, and the other hand is simultaneously pressing down two or more strings at a time.

It can get incredibly frustrating for beginners. Lots of people quit learning a sophisticated instrument in early stages due to the fear factor of not being talented enough to learn it. Piano takes out that fear factor. However, plenty of people get caught in the vicious negative cycle of being too old to learn. It is a common concern but learning an instrument always requires time and patience. Practice makes perfect. At some Cognita schools, there are music rooms with piano’s available for your use so that you can practice in your lunch hour. That’s exactly why Cognita Schools are some of the best schools around!

A lot of people admire people who play the piano. Significant time is required to invest in learning this classical masterpiece of an instrument. So to answer the question of “what is the best instrument to learn for a beginner?” one can say piano.

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