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On Single Parenting

Being a parent is hard enough. Being a single parent doubles the difficulty. With no one to share burdens with, day-to-day responsibilities such as taking your child to their Cognita Schools, or decision-making, single parents must feel very lonely all by themselves. They need to provide greater support for their children all by themselves and they do feel alone. The reason for some families who are manned with a single parent varies for every family. Some are a product of a broken family as a result of divorce. Some are left alone with their partners gone forever and some where even engaged in unplanned parenthood.

Single parenthood can bring added pressure and stress to the core of raising children. When raising children is a difficult job for all parents who belongs to a complete family, a single parent has to step up more to fulfill the role of both being the mother and father of the child.

single_parentingBeing in an incomplete family and living life in a single parent household can be quite stressful for both the parent and the child. Society can be quite imposing that a family can function with a two-parent family and may feel that something will eventually go wrong with the child when it’s not. Single parents may feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of caring for the children, nurturing them, taking care of the expenses, household chores and anything that may come to the family.

For a family that is broken down by divorce, many partners or spouse who have chosen to divorce cited that the divorce was a way to consider the family no longer broken. Thus is due to the fact that when the divorce is final, the warring parents are no long obligated to situate under the same roof which consequently exposes their children to undesirable fights of the parents that cause emotional trauma to the child.

Truth to be told, families that are headed by a single women are more vulnerable due to multiple reasons. Single mothers who have been in a pre-marital unplanned pregnancy are often scrutinized by the society. They also have to deal with the gender based limitations of finding employment and at the same time cope up with a demands of the family. This causes stress and a lot of pressure especially when there is no other support for the single parent.

Being in a family with only one parent, a child can also be affected in the way the child deals with other children. Unfortunately some of them cannot help but compare their family to others about how unusual it is to have only one parent. This may also affect their self esteem and how they deal with themselves and grow up. However, not every child born in an incomplete family is problematic. Some children may even become a lot stronger, mature and understanding of the situation they may be into. Because at the young age they have learned how they should be able to deal with situations out of the norm. As a single parent, one must be more aware of the attention needed by the child and thus must be able to teach, discipline and support more the child as he grows.

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