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Is it safe to vape around children?

How safe is vaping and is it okay during pregnancy or around children?  Besides the bio chemical effects of smoking around children does it also pass on the message that smoking is bad vaping is okay to adopt by kids.

Vaping  fad or more

Whether it is Tank Puffin or any other name in the world of vaping and e juice, an important topic is safety which is the USP of  vaping in the first place. Vapes are not difficult to find; gas stations, convenience stores, vape shops are everywhere whether it is Tank Puffin or any specialty or chain outlet vaping is a developing fad, which seems here to stay.

The shop and its products

Tank Puffin is based in London in Epping, Loughton and Chigwell. Their premium juices are manufactured in USA. Tank Puffin declares “We stock high VG options, high PG options, and everything in between”. Their aim is to stop people from ever smoking traditional cigarettes again.

How dangerous is vaping

E Liquid is what is actually smoked . It contains organic VG usually which produces the vapour more than the flavour. The other liquid is PG (propylene Glycol), this is not antifreeze as the concerned  and proponents against vaping describe. Anti freeze, effect of which is intensified in an air conditioned room, is diethylene glycol. So red flags around you smoking anti freeze and inhaling its vapors or feeding vapors to your young kids is less of a threat…maybe. Despite what proponents of vaping declare it is probably too early a habit to know anything for sure and so vaping / smoking electronic cigarettes around children should probably be avoided.

Vaping and children

From 2016, new rules about the selling of vapes came went in effect.  Now, you have to be 18 to buy vapes and you have to provide your ID if you are not yet 27. E-cigarettes or vapes or battery operated cigarettes or devices look like either cigarettes or pens or sometimes a little different they appear to be perfectly innocuous to children. Their general ability to be found also attracts kids. There are hundreds of brands and many outlets.  Nicotine has the reputation of being harmful to developing brains. It is supposed to change memory and attention spans in children and growing adults. Vaping is dangerous in pregnancy .

Vaping and Pregnancy and Kids

Whatever your attitude to the pros and cons of vaping, data is still being collected and analysed with a mixture of results. This means we should all use it with caution while discovering its long term results and effects. One clear message is that pregnant women and children should avoid it and vaping around them too should be avoided.

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