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How to Choose a Remote Control Car?

Choosing a remote control car can be rather difficult, and you can’t even get an insight from your friends, because each of them has a preference which they’ll try to present as the best one. Basically, it all depends on what it is you’re looking for; some people want fast cars, other want reliable ones, while the rest want a durable vehicle. So, whatever your preference may be, here are some tips and pointers that should help you choose a remote control car that is perfect for you.

Types or Remote Control Cars

The first thing people ought to know is that there isn’t just one remote control car – there are numerous different types of remote cars and trucks, but they are mostly divided into two groups: the electric ones and the gas ones. The gas ones run on nitro hobby fuel, which allows for a greater speed and a longer run. The electric ones are power-run, and are considered to be more reliable, quieter, and maintenance-free.

But, there are also other divisions, mostly according to the body type. The stadium trucks are low to the ground and have a rear-wheel drives. The touring cars are also really low, but are extremely fast. Some people prefer the buggies, which are off-road vehicles that can take a real beating, but are still really fast. And of course, we are all familiar with the Monster Trucks, which are basically extremely large vehicles with enormous engines that can ride through pretty much anything.

There are also RTRs and KITs. The “RTR” stands for “ready to race”, while “KIT” is a marking that tells us that the car requires assembly, or that it does not quite have all the parts you need. The ready-to-run remote control cars can be driven to the track the second you buy them, while the KIT cars need some elbow grease in order to make them work.

Things to Consider:


This is something you need to consider strongly, because you don’t want to end up with a car you’ll need to work on every single day. The Nitro cars will require a lot more preparation, and the engine should be checked, and the air/fuel mixture ought to be adjusted according to the weather. The electric cars are much easier in this regard – you just plug them in to charge the batteries, and when they get run down, you repeat the process.


Make sure you get the money before you buy a remote control car, because that way, you’ll know exactly what your budget is and how much you have to spend. Keep in mind that the better remote control cars cost more, and that is why you should really look into the prices before you go ahead and buy the first one you see.


It is important to buy a remote control car made by a brand that is known for its great design, durability and amazing quality. Some of the best ones are LPR, XTM, Team Associated, Mugen, Corally, Team Losi, Traxxas, and HPI. These are the brands for which you can find parts anywhere and whose product support is easy to reach.


You can upgrade a remote control car, but keep in mind that not every one of them is important. Some upgrades are just not necessary, and could in fact damage the vehicle. That is why the experts recommend just getting the upgrades that help the car’s performance. Also, it is important to do a little search and find out if there are any upgrades available for the vehicle you’ve been thinking about buying.

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