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Choosing a lunchbox for your kid

A lunchbox is more than just an item in which your kids carry their lunches; it is a statement about the kid’s taste! It tells the other kids all about how knowledgeable the child is when it comes to the pop-culture and how up-to-date the kid is with the latest trends. This uniquely American phenomenon allows the kids to connect through pop-culture (music, movies, TV, etc), or at least, that’s how it used to be. Also, if your child is attending our good friends over at Cognita Schools. Then this still rings true! So be sure to check out Cognita if you’ve got time.

Today, the kids show their knowledge of pop-culture through other things, like their backpacks of shoes. And this could be a good thing, because it could allow the parents to focus more on the safety of the container, rather than on what’s painted on it. However, the kid’s interest is still a bid part of the decision on which lunchbox to get.

New types of lunchboxes

Bento boxes are great because the offer separate containers for different foods, and have gotten really popular. It adds to the perception that, by separating the food, you have a better control over the nutritional values of each part of the meal. This can also add to the child’s interest in lunch, because the containers could be arranged in interesting shapes; which the kids just love!

Environmentally-friendly boxes offer plastic containers with lids as well as reusable bags for snacks or sandwiches. They have zip-top closures, and can even be washed in the washing machine or the dishwasher.

New material boxes are made of neoprene, which is both reusable and insulated. It is a material that is flexible, and can even be stretched enough to fit in all of the meal. And finally, the best thing about them is the fact that they are completely machine-washable.

There are also some care and safety tips that you need to take into consideration when shopping for a cool lunchbox for your kid.

The lunchbox has to be cleaned daily! This should be done by wiping the inside of it with a damp cloth. Also, warm water can be mixed in with some mild soap, and after the cleaning process, the lunchbox should be left to dry. It has to be completely dry before you pack any food for your child in it!

Nonperishable foods should be used. The lunchbox only protects the food for about two hours. That is why the highly perishable foods should not be used, like the eggs or the mayonnaise. It is always smart to make your kid some peanut butter sandwiches, or giving them a while fruit to eat for lunch.

An ice pack should be used. If you wish to keep the food cold until the lunchtime, then it’s best to have several sizes and shapes of ice packs. Just make sure they don’t leak any fluid.

The most recommended lunchboxes:

Metal lunchboxes are a lot similar to the traditional lunchboxes; they’re the same size and shape, and have a latch for closing it. They can be decorated by the kids with stickers.

Insulated lunchboxes are a bit softer and have a vinyl interior. They offer a zipper closure and have a padded handle. This type of a lunchbox is really easy to clean and can be found in various colors and patterns. It is able to keep the food cold because of the insulation, and has outer pockets for some extra storage.

Go Green Bento lunchboxes are plastic boxes that offer carrying cases, as well as drinking bottles. It has 5 compartments and can be closed with a snap-on lid. It can be found in 10 different patterns, and any leak can be prevented by the box’s silicone gasket.

So, what are some tips that could help make the right choice and always have a kid that is pleased with the lunchbox? Well, first of all, make sure you replace their lunchbox every year, because the bacteria could accumulate inside. Then, try and have more than just one lunchbox for your kid. This gives you enough time to clean one lunchbox while your kid carries the other one to school, and for it to get completely dry. And finally, don’t pack any drinks and let your kid buy milk at school. This is cheaper and the milk is fresher, which is always a better option for your child.

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