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Is it safe to vape around children?

How safe is vaping and is it okay during pregnancy or around children?  Besides the bio chemical effects of smoking around children does it also pass on the message that smoking is bad vaping is okay to adopt by kids. Vaping  fad or more Whether it is Tank Puffin or …

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Choosing a lunchbox for your kid

A lunchbox is more than just an item in which your kids carry their lunches; it is a statement about the kid’s taste! It tells the other kids all about how knowledgeable the child is when it comes to the pop-culture and how up-to-date the kid is with the latest …

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Stuck for male young adult gift ideas? Check this out

We know that buying gifts for young ones is normlly quite an easy task. Anything they see friends have they’re interested in, and media ads are so enticing nowadays that they immediately grab the attention of any child who catches sight of it. So they’re not really an issue. It’s …

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How to pick the perfect playhouse for your kids?

Nowadays, you can find pretty much any kind of playhouse you want for your kids and that is why many parents are overwhelmed and don’t really know where to start their search. Some of them believe that these playhouses are really expensive, but buying the prefect one would be good …

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Tips for Bathing Your Kids

It could be a bit difficult to get your kids to bathe, and it looks that the smaller kid it is, the harder it is to get them to clean up. However, some parents have started wondering how it is exactly that they ought to bathe their kids, is there …

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